Who is Lady J

First off let’s start with a little bit about me, well actually a lot about me.

My name is Jessica but I go by Lady J.  I was born abroad in Germany.  My mother is German and my father was in the United States Army.  We moved to Texas when I was very young. Shortly after we arrived  in the United States my parents divorced.  They both remarried.  We (my mother and step father) moved to Indiana partway through my Kindergarten year.

When I was eight years old my father was killed in a train accident and I felt like a huge chunk of my world had been shattered.  Until now I never realized how much his death impacted me.  My school grades slipped or rather plummeted.  I was extremely angry with everyone around me. I felt as though I was an outsider in my family, my mother, step-father, sister, and brother. I was always searching for the differences between us. My hair, eyes, name, ect.

At the age of 10 I tried to run away to Texas with my little sister in tow. I took my step-fathers brand new pickup truck on this adventure. I wrecked the truck in a ditch and hurt my relationship with my parents more than I already had. My sister and I were very fortunate to come out alive.  I had only busted up my right eye. To make it all better it this adventure took place on April fools day.

Moving on to middle school, I became very quiet and distant from everyone. I still had horrible grades.  I was forging signatures on tests, changing report cards, lying to everyone and fighting.  I was in so much turmoil that I am surprised it didn’t end badly for me.

High school I decided to become involved in sports.  Freshman year I was a cheerleader and while it was fun it was not my niche’.  I do recall one of the seniors telling me that she was going to make me mean because I was still extremely passive.  After hanging out with her I learned to stand up for myself.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I needed to take care of me and to stop letting people use me. My sophomore year I decided to run cross country and lets be honest it wasn’t because I wanted to run.  I joined because an upper class boy asked me to and being that he was cute I said yes. However, I learned that cross country was my sport and I was good at it! Running!!! That was my medicine for life.  I could run for days, not on a track, but out on a course in the open and in the nature.  Running was my way of escaping from reality, even though it was the one I created.  I also had softball that I loved because like running I was good at that as well. If I wasn’t in an after school activity I was involved in some very dangerous activity.  I would hang out with my best friend Kristy and we would do some crazy, at the time fun, things but nothing dangerous.  I also would sneak out all the time. The girl I was hanging out with was bad news. We had multiple encounters with the police and hung out with older guys who were also bad news. I didn’t listen to Kristy or anyone when they said to steer clear of the young lady who was helping me leave.  Once again I am fortunate enough to walk away with my life.

Right after graduation, I am surprised that I did, I joined the United States Air Force.  Basic training was amazing and I loved it! After basic training I went to technical (tech) school for my job category.  I had a new found freedom that I loved and still sabotaged my life. I started drinking extremely heavy and made some even more poor life decisions.  I met my amazing husband, Antonio, at tech school.  Antonio told me that he would never be with a woman who drank or smoked.  For some odd reason I took head to his words and stopped cold turkey.  We started dating January 2004, found out we were pregnant that summer, got married that August.  I was 19 when I had our oldest child.  Being a mom that young and so far away from family was the most difficult thing I have ever done.  I decided to get out of the military when my son was born that way I could be there for him.

After his first birthday my husband spent a year in Korea. Right after he left I found out I was pregnant with our daughter. I did the entire pregnancy and delivery without him.  She was six months old when Antonio met her.  We then moved to Japan for a couple of years.  While we there we found out that we were pregnant with our third child.  Soon after  we found out about our second son my husband deployed.  Shortly after he returned the Air Force decided that my mental health was to intense for them to take care of so they sent my children and myself out of the country while my husband remained there for another year and a half.  So my third pregnancy I also did without my husband.  My husband cross trained and we came to Phoenix! At this point we had so much strain on our marriage and at one point in time it almost broke.  Then we found an amazing church and things turned around for us.  In 2013 we decided to have another child. Shortly after the we decided to start trying we were pregnant with baby number 4.

When my youngest was born I was in the worst physical shape ever.  I was 145 pounds and 40.8% body fat.  When my youngest turned one I decided to change my lifestyle. I change the food I was eating and I starting hitting the gym daily.  I hired a coach so I could compete in an NPC bikini competition. November 2015 I competed and I absolutely loved it. I was hooked.  The transformation was so amazing. I dropped to 126 pounds and 17% body fat. Now I am preparing for another competition but in a different federation, WBFF!


I am a wife, a mother of four, a student, a personal trainer, and a bikini competitor.